ASPiRE is a proud partner of Cool Girls Inc. Hot Pink Party

Thursday, April 14, 2016

ASPiRE is the proud partner of Cool Girls Inc. Hot Pink Party!

Cool Girls Pink Party

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.thecoolgirlshotpinkparty.com

Cool Girls is dedicated to the self-empowerment of girls. We inspire girls to change their world. Cool Girls’ community partners, mentors, and volunteer networks support girls in all aspects of their development – breaking the cycles of poverty, low self-esteem, and teen pregnancy. Our life skill programs develop girls into confident women through education and exposure to a broader world of opportunity.

Cool Girls (CG) empowers under resourced girls to reduce cycles of teen pregnancy, and overcome barriers of racism and sexism, through a holistic approach. Our award winning after school programs help girls to achieve academic success and graduate high school. We have been a direct service agency in the communities where our girls live for more than 20 years. CG was founded in 1989 in the East Lake Meadows housing community, which at the time was a deeply impoverished neighborhood infested with high crime and violence. Dawn Smith, CG founder, believed that girls in this area needed support because they were economically disadvantaged and plagued by fear from their surroundings. Today, we partner with Title 1 schools to provide motivation, encouragement, and reinforcement to help girls make smart choices that deter risky behaviors while giving guidance for positive transformation. CG develops bonds with our girls, and their parents, giving support as early as 7 years old until womanhood.