ASPiRE is a Proud Partner of the 7th Annual BronzeLens Film Festival

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The BronzeLens Film Festival of Atlanta, Georgia is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009, that is dedicated to bringing national and worldwide attention to Atlanta as a center for film and film production for people of color. In fact, the mission of the BronzeLens Film Festival of Atlanta, Georgia is two fold: to promote Atlanta as the new film mecca for people of color; and to showcase films and provide networking opportunities that will develop the next generation of filmmakers.


2016 ASPiRE Student Award Winner

Every fall, film lovers, actors, and film makers gather in culture-and-heritage-rich Atlanta, Georgia to share a creative platform of education, entertainment and empowerment discussions related to film, as well as television, and the production of both. The BronzeLens Film Festival will feature screenings in multiple venues, as well as informative panels, and enlightening Master Classes led by top names in film, direction, and production.

On Saturday, August 27th Bronzelens hosted the BronzeLens Award show that celebrates the works of people of color in front of and behind the bronze lens. The show features entertainment to celebrate work of the nominees.

Established in in 2010, The BronzeLens Award honors the best of the festival’s filmmakers as well as other noteworthy industry leaders. Categories include the best in Features, Documentaries and International films, Shorts, Student Films, Web Series, Actress and Actor.

ASPiRE recognized, honored and selected the Student Filmmaker Award winner, Deus Ex Machina, directed by Armani Martin.

This story tells the tale of an earnest boy and his two friends on a journey to school that features the conflicts and issues they face every time the step outside of their home.


Director Bio:

Armani MartinArmani Martin is an accomplished, self-inspired, dedicated filmmaker, director, producer, writer, and photographer. Her gift of communication and vision has yield her opportunities that others in her field inspired to have. At an early age, Armani knew she wanted to work in the motion picture industry. She began her career as a child (4 years old) with spoken word. She competed in competitions in Chicago, New York and California. Consequently, Armani was invited to compete with adults at the nationally known Apollo Theater at the age of 6. Being recognized in the industry through competitions, Armani preformed in numerous stage plays at Chicago State University, DuSable Museum of African American History and ETA Creative Arts in Chicago, IL. Throughout her childhood, she was motivated by her cousin Award Winning Hollywood Director F. Gary Gray. Armani’s direct communication with her cousin and other family members, encouraged her to be the best at her craft and inspired her entrepreneurial journey.

Some of Armani’s major accomplishments include launching her company the Armani Martin Experience; working as head/lead photographer for the Coca-Cola “pay it forward” conference hosted by Steve Harvey and Judge Hatchett; production coordinator for Kap G “Girlfriend”; broadcast associate for WSB-TV Channel 2 Atlanta; video producer and multimedia journalist for Atlanta Journal Constitution; associate producer of the short film “Strickers”; production coordinator for rapper Dae Dae “What you mean”; co-producer for Hot topics on WSB-TV’s segment with Rihanna and Dancing with the Stars’ Michael Waltrip; and 2nd personal assistant of Jason Ensler for the TV show “Red Band Society.”

Armani knows with success also comes challenges. Armani states “struggle and strength comes before success, even in the dictionary.” “Things in life can be learning lessons and somethings you do will be trial and error, just make sure you learn from them.” Armani also states her moto is to “provide a vision for the people who haven’t seen.” While building capacity for her new brand “The Armani Martin Experience,” her unwavering and tenacious personality proves that she can overcome any obstacle.

As Armani’s career continues on an upward trajectory, she knows the value of giving back to her community. As an entrepreneur, she has orchestrated many events throughout Chicago as well as Atlanta assisting up-and-coming artists, rappers, song writers, poets, etc. with getting them exposure and recognition in their community. Armani is looking forward to given of her time to organizations, programs and events to assist with community issue. Armani understands the benefit of bringing product and service to her community.


Director, Writer, Producer

Armani Martin / Stickers, Largo, Red Band Society


Amaris Samuel / Detroit Unleaded, Adora, No Coloreds Allowed

Key Cast Members

Patrick Walker / NCIS: New Orleans (TV Series), Good Behavior (TV Series), Constantine (TV Series)

Terayle Hill / The Products of the American Ghetto, Taboo — The Unthinkable Act, College Boyfriends (The Web Series)

Adonijah Lee Bingham / DeadPool, Black Panther, The Gauntlet (2015), Deus ex Machina (2016), The Rookies

Director of Photography

James ‘Tiago’ Bertrand / Camera Op — Rickey Smiley For Real Season 1 (TV-One), Camera Op — Sunday’s Best (BET) Director of Photography — Tribute for the Muhammad Ali Tribe