Married WithTwo Boys: Creating Quality Time With Your Children

Friday, April 22, 2016

From MarriedWithTwoBoys

I marvel at how much my sons have progressed over the years. Life sometimes seems to go by so fast, that I often sit back and cherish the moments of yesterday.  I treasure watching our oldest son swim in the near-by pool, and our youngest hit a double on the baseball field.  I’m reminded of my childhood, and the importance of creating quality time with our children. 

Click here for 5 ways to create quality time with your children and always cherish those special moments.

Creator of Married With Two Boys, Sojourner Marable Grimmett,  is an author, educator, social media consultant, journalist and motivational speaker who presents a message of love, education and service. A native of Boulder, Colorado, her experiences in higher education, which span nearly a decade, have involved college admissions, student services and community relations.  Her energy and imagination have inspired her to become involve in a variety of activities involving people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. She has been widely recognized for writing and speaking about the joys and challenges of being a “stay-at-work” mom and connects with moms, both new and experienced, who have the responsibility of raising a family while maintaining a full-time job.
“My goal is to inspire millions of moms to live a family centered life while walking int heir personal and professional purpose.” – Sojourner

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