Dope Thoughts With David Banner - Vol. I

ByValencia Joseph

ASPiRE is fortunate to have David Banner in our midst as the host of our first original series ABFF Independent, now in its fifth season. Like a genuine and rare gemstone, he is made up of countless distinctive facets. Born Lavell Crump, his natural occurring, ever evolving features all work together to form the multi-dimensional, unpredictable, abundantly enlightened advocate for the African Diaspora, we affectionately refer to as Mr. David Banner.

Believe it or not, we actually got David to sit still for a minute (okay, ASPiRE tied him to a chair in our studio) for a heart-to-heart, up close and personal chat. He looked comfortably at home in a cozy hoodie, emblazoned with “The God Box,” jeans and flannel socks. Shoes? Nowhere visible to my curious eyes. Thinking back, I still wonder, and wouldn’t be surprised, if he arrived with no shoes at all.

As part of our David Banner Takeover this month, ASPiRE gets to turn David inside out for a more in-depth look at the man, the artist, the actor, the producer, the writer, the philanthropist, the activist in an attempt to leave you a perhaps a little wiser, a little smarter, a little happier, a little stronger, a little kinder having encountered David Banner like never before.

David Banner – Inside Out – as a Stage Name

“Well, I didn’t actually choose it, the name David Banner. I have some small issues with anger,” but I’m probably one of the kindest, coolest, nicest people you’ll meet, similar to the comic book hero the Hulk, which is where the name comes from.” David continues with the observation that people usually get warnings before explosions, but most folks just don’t listen or pay attention to those signs. “When someone says, ‘hey dude, please don’t do that, please stop…’ listen to them!”

The Banner-ism… If you choose to ignore warnings, don’t be surprised or upset when people go off. They did what they had to do. It got your attention, didn’t it?

For more dope “Banner-isms” and videos, follow us on Twitter and Instagram where David has taken over and be sure to come back next week as Dope Thoughts with David Banner continues… only on ASPiRE.tv!

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