Dope Thoughts With David Banner - Vol. II

ByValencia Joseph

Last week, David Banner began taking over ASPiRE’s airwaves and digital platforms to welcome and celebrate the premiere of the new season of ABFF Independent. In the spirit of of ASPiRE’s month-long Banner takeover, we share more “dope thoughts” and “Banner-isms” with all fans of the network, but especially David’s. We hope you are having as much of a blast getting to know David, as we are bringing it to you. Sit back and take it all in, as he shares intimate opinions, points of view and feelings about a variety of topics. Music is a topic David knows a little something about, so we probed a bit about what makes his most recent music project so dope.

David Banner – Inside Out – THE GOD BOX

David talks passionately about his latest project, album “The God Box,” telling us why it’s a hip hop collector’s must have. “The God Box is a thesis to the life of a rapper. I come from a place where you had to dig and reach for hip hop…I had to find hip hop, I had to work to be a part of it and it gave me more respect. I think you can hear that in the music. I’m dope, so it’s up to you.” He adds, “Most importantly, lyric for lyric, beat for beat, concept for concept, I don’t think there’s another album in this time frame that speaks to what’s going on in the streets. The God Box reflects what the people want and what, I believe, the people need.”

The Banner-ism… Get “The God Box” in your life!

David Banner – Inside Out – David’s Hidden Talents:

We know David is a talented musician, rapper and producer, but we wanted to know what his hidden talents are… those things he’s good at that we don’t see on camera or hear in his music… those things he does very well in private times, when no one is looking. After pondering a moment about his hidden talents, a huge grin comes across David’s face and he starts to share, “As big as I am, I can tumble and do back flips very well.” ASPiRE is pretty sure, that’s not what readers thought he was going to say first. However, he adds, “also, I have an amazing way of keeping a smile on a young lady’s face.” Can’t dispute this statement as he reveals more, “that’s a talent that most men don’t possess – and I’m awesome at it!” Just let that marinate, ladies.

The Banner-ism… Be awesome at something—and proclaim it!

If you didn’t catch last week’s “ABFF Independent” episode, make it up to us and don’t sleep on this week’s episode. Make sure to watch or set your DVR, Thursdays at 9 PM Eastern. For more dope “Banner-isms” and videos, follow us on Twitter and Instagram where David has taken over and be sure to come back next week as Dope Thoughts with David Banner continues… only on ASPiRE.tv!

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