Dope Thoughts With David Banner - Vol. III

ByValencia Joseph

For the past couple of weeks, David shared insights about his name, his latest music project and his hidden talents. This week, ASPiRE is setting hearts aflutter as David goes in deep with feelings and thoughts on love and relationships! In honor of our month-long Banner takeover, stay with us as we share more “dope thoughts” and “Banner-isms” with David and ASPiRE’s fans.

David Banner – Inside Out – David’s Thoughts on Love & Relationships:

Ok, so we all know that ladies love them some David Banner – as he is reminded of this sentiment, he smiles a wide grin, rubbing those rugged but gentle hands together and then I inform him that I need some information “just for the ladies.” He leans in so he doesn’t miss a syllable and I ask him to share what love means to him. To my surprise, he’s instantly ready with an answer, “You have to love yourself or nobody else can love you.” He reveals that therapy has empowered him to see things more clearly and how he actually embraces loving himself as he grows older, stating he will never color his hair.

ATTENTION UNIVERSE — David Banner’s beard is not dyed! He loves that it grows in the way it does, because it makes for a beautiful contrast with his dark hair and chocolate skin. It’s at this time that David playfully side bars and reminds people in the room that he’s quite handsome and smells awesome, just in case they are seeking his opinion on his own looks.

Now back to the matter at hand, in considering romantic relationships and friendships, the first thing David says is, “Love YOU!” and he goes on to share, “Too many people are trying to find something better outside themselves. You’ll never find that. When two people love themselves separately, it’s easier to come together.”

Then, he drops real knowledge with this – “Most people want to hear ‘I love you’ and that’s the real reason they say it– to get it back. If I love you, I love you… you don’t have to say it back. I don’t need to hear it. As a matter of fact, if you say it back, I will believe you and we’ll have to do something about that!” Tread carefully, David. I don’t think you’ll have any difficulties getting women to profess their love. Most are ready, willing and able to love David and have him “do something about that!”

The Banner-ism… Always love YOU!

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