Dope Thoughts with David Banner - Vol. IV

By Valencia Joseph

David Banner has genuinely opened himself up, inside out, sharing intimate thoughts and values with our audience. But it’s about to get REAL! David schools us on what type of woman gets his attention. Listen up, ladies…

David Banner – Inside Out – The IT Factor That Catches David’s Eye

When asked about what catches his eye first, David gives us a big smile, then holds his hands up near his face, looking at them like he’s holding an imaginary ball, “What catches my eye about a woman is a skinny waist line and wide hips.” As women in the studio suck in their gut or button jackets, he continues, “I’ll tell you something strange that I like… bone structure in a woman’s face. I like a strong jawline and cheekbones.” The ladies in the room collectively exhale now, happy they can rely on contouring.

David continues, “I don’t like what other people like. I like an ordinary woman.” This was music to my ordinary ears. I asked about a celebrity crush and he can’t name one. There’s no Hollywood type he crushes on, primarily because the industry breeds the adoration of a manufactured look. However, after pondering longer than I expect, he excitedly lights up as he remembers his perfect “go-to” girl. “You know who I like… the cartoon older sister from “Lilo & Stitch”… what’s her name?” Everyone looks around, no one in the room knew. “Well, she can get it!” For those in David’s female fan base that need to know, I did my research and you’re competing with the likes of Nani Pelekai, Lilo’s older sister who was also her guardian, for David’s affection.

The Banner-ism… Love your natural beauty, embrace your God-given assets and eat a low-sugar, low-carb diet (skinny waist) while doing lots of squats (for thick hips)!

So you captured his attention, now what? This week, we’re going to give you a double dose! David drops some knowledge about what holds his interest.

David Banner – Inside Out – The IT Factor That Keeps David’s Interest

We learned what catches David’s eye, but catching it is only half the battle. If longevity in a relationship is what you’re about, you might want to think about how you’re going to keep his interest. It’s pretty simple as David explains, “To keep my interest, be an individual. I like individuals. We all have preferences. We all have pre-sets; but all that goes out the door when you meet an amazing individual,” David disclosed. Then a light bulb came on above his head and he revealed something else that keeps his interest. “Know what else I like?” as I anxiously await his response… “I like a woman that wants me, but does not need me! Satisfied that he finished his thought, David looks into our video camera and licks his lips, “That’s what I like.”

The Banner-ism… Be an amazing original who owns the difference between want and need.

If you didn’t catch last week’s “ABFF Independent” episode, make it up to us and don’t sleep on this week’s episode. Make sure to watch or set your DVR, Thursdays at 9 PM Eastern. For more dope “Banner-isms” and videos, follow us on Twitter and Instagram where David has taken over and be sure to come back next week as Dope Thoughts with David Banner continues… only on ASPiRE.tv!

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