Dope Thoughts With David Banner - Vol. V

By Valencia Joseph

Our last Dope Thoughts installment served David on a platter and our readers got to know a little more about what turns David on when it comes to the opposite sex. In this installment, we’re about to get a special invitation into David’s bedroom!

David Banner – Inside Out – David Invites us into his Boudoir

Because our readers want the real scoop, I knew I had to ask some pretty intimate questions and hope David would be open enough to respond intimately. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take this next question, but I dove right in eyes wide open. Thousands, maybe millions, of women want to know, David, what side of the bed do you sleep on? David seemed slightly surprised by this question and met my question with one of his own. “Is a woman with me?”

I gave him a you-know-the-answer-to-that look and nodded yes. He continued, “If a woman is in the bed with me, I always sleep on the side nearest the door. In case anyone ever kicks in the door, I’m there to shield her. I make sure she’s protected, if I’m with a woman.” So far very good, David. Keep going… “If I’m by myself, I sleep all over,” he said, as his arms flail around in the air to punctuate all over. We like that he considers how to protect a woman, even in his own private space.

The Banner-ism… Always insist on protection in the bedroom.

David Banner – Inside Out – David’s Pet Peeve

To really know a person inside out, you have to understand what makes them tick and know what ticks them off! David’s an intense individual, but this scoop is as simple as it gets. He shares what ticks him off, “My pet peeve is people not respecting each other, people not being kind to each other. I really can’t tolerate that.” It’s just that simple, people.

The Banner-ism… Always put some “respeck” on it. Kindness goes a long way.

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