Dope Thoughts With David Banner - Vol. VI

By Valencia Joseph

While interviewing David, one definitive thing I realized… he’s very comfortable being an open book. Extremely easy to talk with, gregarious, hilarious, affectionate (yes, ladies, he’s a hugger) and abundantly socially conscious, David was a delight and there wasn’t a single question he didn’t answer! That alone makes him a dream interviewee and makes for the ultimate satisfaction in article reading! David responded to some questions so fast, I want to share it with everyone in rapid fire format — just like he shared it with me. Read on as he talks a little more about music and acting.

David Banner Inside Out – Rapid Fire Q&A

ASPiRE: Music or acting – Which is your preference?
Banner: It doesn’t matter to me, it’s all talent and it all comes from the same place… I’m just grateful to be in the presence of God.

ASPiRE: What’s on your music playlist?
Banner: I listen to a lot of me (his own music), instrumentals, the rock group 1975, I go from Migos to Sunra. I just listen to good music… I listen to The Police; I listen to Prince… I’m all over the place.

ASPiRE: Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with in music?
Banner: There’s one person I haven’t worked with and would love to… Andre 3000. He and Pimp C from UGK are my two favorite rappers.

ASPiRE: Are there any actors you’d like to work with in a movie or on TV?
Banner: Yes, I want to work with Idris Elba. He’s a personal friend of mine and we bonded when we worked together in the movie “This Christmas.” I would love to make an independent film with him. He’s really a dope person and would love to see what black people coming together can do without constraints, without worrying about what other people think.

We hope Idris, Andre 3000 and Pimp C read the props and admiration David has for them and how they’ve mastered their respective crafts. A David Banner collabo with either of these talented performers would be one for the record books. Make it happen, David!

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