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10:30 PM Friday • October 31



Watch ASPiRE and look for the code to enter at for a chance to win a vacation for Four (4) to San Antonio, TX. The code will appear once per hour between 7:00pm and 11:00 pm ET. The winner of this vacation giveaway will enjoy a San Antonio getaway!  The vacation will include:

•  Roundtrip Flight Transportation for 4, courtesy of

•  4 night stay in a luxury resort 

•  Daily breakfast for 4 

•  Complimentary tickets for 4 to a 45 minute River Walk Cruise

•  Complimentary tickets for 4 to City Sightseeing Double Decker Tour Bus

•  Complimentary tickets for 4 to Tomb Raider 3D Adventure Ride & Arcade

•  Complimentary tickets for 4 to the San Antonio Zoo

•  Complimentary tickets for 4 to SeaWorld San Antonio


About Andiamo!

"Andiamo!" (which is an Italian phrase loosely translated as "let's go!") is a luxury and adventure travel series that doesn't espouse a sedentary travel experience. How apropos of a name for this multiple award-winning series, as boredom is non-existent as viewers journey the globe vicariously with the very fashionable and adventurous Donna Perkins as the series host. "andiamo!" takes viewers along for some exciting adventures, such as rappelling down a 130-ft frozen waterfall, diving off of a 40-foot cliff into the ocean, as well as compelling travel experiences, such as: Learning Muay Thai boxing in Thailand, dancing the Flamenco in Seville, Spain and sailing with Mickey & Minnie on Disney cruise.  From the beauty of the Santa Barbara coast in California to the snow-clad mountains in the Canadian Rockies, to the exotic culture of South East Asia, viewers can share in Donna Perkins’ global road trip and gain a bird’s eye view into the exhilarating world of travel.



Upcoming Episodes

Southern Thailand
10/31/14 - 10:30pm

Donna and Travelocity's Roaming Gnome travel to Thailand for a 3-part production of andiamo!.

Walt Disney World Resort
11/01/14 - 10:00am

Donna enjoys the fun, luxury and adventure of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney Cruise Line
11/01/14 - 10:30am

Donna experiences the luxury and family-friendliness of Disney Cruise Line's, Disney Wonder.

Disney Cruise Line
11/07/14 - 10:30pm

Donna experiences the luxury and family-friendliness of Disney Cruise Line's, Disney Wonder.

Santa Barbara, California
11/08/14 - 10:00am

Donna visits America's Rivera and will learn how to surf, stays at an award-winning resort and enjoys a dinner at a restaurant that uses organic local ingredients.

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
11/08/14 - 10:30am

Back to the snow Donna goes - but this time, she explores North America's oldest city and experiences local culture & cuisine as well as the city's most renowned hotel. PLUS - she'll visit the Ice Hotel!


Donna is a seasoned traveler who has traveled the globe and speaks French and Spanish. Donna has appeared in numerous movies, television series and commercials.