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Julia Baker is a young African-American woman working as a nurse. She is also a widow (her husband died in Vietnam) trying to raise a young son alone. Julia is the first weekly series to depict an African American woman in a non-stereotypical role.


Upcoming Episodes

Bunny Hug
04/20/15 - 8:00am

Hannah Yarby is beside herself with anticipation trepidation. The eligible widower she met in Rome is coming for a visit.

Ready, Aim, Fired!
04/20/15 - 8:30am

Hannah Yarby's (Lurene Tuttle) wedding plans save Julia fromgetting the sack from her job.

Paint Your Waggedom
04/20/15 - 1:00pm

Corey learns a lesson in bigotry.

Farewell, My Friends, Hello
04/20/15 - 1:30pm

A salesman has more success impressing Corey than he does Julia.

Tanks for the Memory
04/20/15 - 7:00pm

Julia's problem: a teenage boy has a crush on her.

You Can't Beat Drums
04/20/15 - 7:30pm

Ever have a budding drummer in the neighborhood? Julia's neighbor is driving her crazy.

Half Past Sick
04/21/15 - 8:00am

The doctor orders Julia to rest up. But reckons without her well meaning friends

Little Boys Lost
04/21/15 - 8:30am

Ever take the kids on a car trip? Watch Julia on her disastrous trek to Nevada.

Designers Don't Always Have Designs
04/21/15 - 1:00pm

An engineer seems the perfect match for Julia.

The Solid Brass Snow Job
04/21/15 - 1:30pm

Julia's friends pitch in to make Corey's Christmas a happy one.

Tie Wolf!
04/21/15 - 7:00pm

Julia gets herself wound up in a string of problems, an overly aggressive suitor, her frantic search for a baby sitter and Corey's Indian-knot craze.

The Grass is Sometimes Greener
04/21/15 - 7:30pm

A blind date involves Julia in a fight against prejudice

Altar Ego
04/22/15 - 8:00am

Hannah has a case of wedding jitters

Tanks Again
04/22/15 - 8:30am

In Las Vegas, Julia fills in for Tank's ailing vocalist

The One and Only Genuine, Original Family Uncle
04/22/15 - 1:00pm

Uncle Lou comes to visit.

How Sharper Than a Baby's Tooth
04/22/15 - 1:30pm

Corey refuses to go to the dentist and it's not because he's afraid.

The Eve of Adam
04/22/15 - 7:00pm

Julia must choose between a better job and her friends.

Romeo and Julia
04/22/15 - 7:30pm

An artist romanticizes life for Corey.

Kim An' Horror
04/23/15 - 8:00am

Julia tries to convince her son that girls are human, too

Magna Cum Lover
04/23/15 - 8:30am

Julia regards Steve Bruce as just a friend until her housekeeper sets her sights on him.

Matchmaker, Break Me a Match
04/23/15 - 1:00pm

Julia's date wants to borrow money from her.

Dancer in the Dark
04/23/15 - 1:30pm

A football player and black militant becomes the target of Julia's recruiting efforts at work.

Hilda's No Help
04/23/15 - 7:00pm

Dr. Chegley's uncle pays them a visit.

So's Your Old Uncle
04/23/15 - 7:30pm

Julia must entertain Leonard's bumbling sister Hilda.

Bowled Over
04/24/15 - 8:00am

Julia takes up bowling to score a hit with Steve.

Long Time No Ski
04/24/15 - 8:30am

As Julia's romance with Steve progresses, so does son Corey's jealousy.

How to Keep Your Wig Warm
04/24/15 - 1:00pm

Marie has a plan to jumpstart her marriage.

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Pizza
04/24/15 - 1:30pm

Name-calling becomes a problem at work and at home.

Temper Also Fugits
04/24/15 - 7:00pm

Julia Baker is a young African-American woman working as a nurse. She is also a widow (her husband died in Vietnam) trying to raise a young son alone.


Diahann Carroll is the consummate entertainer. So varied and dynamic are her gifts that she continually astounds fans and critics alike with her versatility and magnetism. She is one of America's major performing talents appearing in nightclubs, the Broadway stage, a Las Vegas headliner, in motion pictures and television. Diahann Carroll is a Tony Award winner, an Emmy and Grammy nominee, a Golden Globe winner and a Best Actress Oscar nominee.

Lloyd Nolan (1902-1985) enjoyed a long career in movies and television including roles in popular shows such as "77 Sunset Strip" and "Julia."

Marc Copage started as a child actor on the sitcom "Julia". Over the years he has appeared in television, film, stage and is also a recording artist.