Dude Mom: 21 Real Things Everyone Should Know About Motherhood

Friday, April 22, 2016

From DudeMom.com

I haven’t been pregnant for a long time.

My youngest is 8 years old for crying out loud and, in the land of baby making that is ages ago. Long enough to forget to truly forget that waking up every hour to meet someone’s needs while they scream at you is not fun or cute. Long enough to have lost every pound of your baby weight and gained it all back again. And just long enough that you feel like you need another baby.

Need. Not want. Need.

Dude 1 is going to high school in the fall and Dude 2 is headed to middle school. And, as much as Dude 3 loves me to pieces, sometimes I feel like I need to be needed in that way a baby needs you. Like, for life.

And then BFF calls me and tells me about how her baby woke up 4 times between the hours of 2 and 6 am and I’m like..

I know you know that you’re going to be tired, that you’re going to be stressed, that you might want to throat punch your husband for looking at you. That’s all part of it. Everyone knows that, including your husband.

And I know you’ve got all that covered.

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