Married With Two Boys: 10 Tips on How Dads Can Help With Breastfeeding

Friday, April 22, 2016

From MarriedWithTwoBoys

Prior to giving birth to our second son, my husband and I had a serious conversation about him being the gatekeeper for visitors at the hospital. I was inspired by how my sister initiated breastfeeding right away after delivery, and wanted to do the same with our son. My husband’s job was to determine when people came to visit. This allowed me to feel comfortable nursing openly. Little did I know the countless ways of him assisting and supporting me with breastfeeding would be revealed throughout this journey. He provided us with an eternal sense of peace.

I was exhausted the first night at the hospital, because of waking up every 2 ½ hours to feed. My body was tired after giving birth, and sleep deprivation was starting to kick in big time. The last thing I wanted to do was put a hungry baby on my sore breasts. With love and knowing my intentions, my husband was very supportive in getting me water and adjusting my pillow to nurse. Sometimes he felt helpless and indicated that there wasn’t much he could do to assist me with various positions to feed. I felt the same way, until we had a visit from the lactation consultant, Catharine Monet.

Ms. Monet, a certified International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner, tiptoed into our dim lit room and spoke in a very soft voice. She is petite with coke-bottle glasses, grayish brown hair, and exudes a nurturing spirit. I had just begun nursing as she approached the bedside and glanced down at our baby. Ms. Monet smiled as her voice matched her sweet persona and graceful motions, while reiterating to us the importance of breastfeeding. Intrigued by her wisdom, my intuition was correct in sensing that she had been teaching mothers for years about breastfeeding. In fact, she has worked in the field for over 22 years and believes that “God put the great desire in her to teach mothers how to feed their babies.”

Her guidance and support led me to interview her and to share her knowledge and truth with other moms and dads. Ms. Monet helped my husband feel a part of the breastfeeding experience. Her tips on getting your partner involved with breastfeeding were both useful and powerful.

Click here for tips summarized in her own words.

Creator of Married With Two Boys, Sojourner Marable Grimmett,  is an author, educator, social media consultant, journalist and motivational speaker who presents a message of love, education and service. A native of Boulder, Colorado, her experiences in higher education, which span nearly a decade, have involved college admissions, student services and community relations.  Her energy and imagination have inspired her to become involve in a variety of activities involving people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. She has been widely recognized for writing and speaking about the joys and challenges of being a “stay-at-work” mom and connects with moms, both new and experienced, who have the responsibility of raising a family while maintaining a full-time job.
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