Moms 'N Charge: How to Set Boundaries and Enjoy Mommy Time

Friday, April 22, 2016

From MomsNCharge.com

If you don’t already know, I love Periscope. Being on Periscope has allowed me to connect to people and build a community in a way I hadn’t before. It also has allowed me to get clear on new content that is needed right here on this blog. Last night I shared a scope on 10 easy tips for moms to recharge, reconnect and FLY (First Love Yourself). Tips 8 & 9 were all about setting boundaries for yourself; first with your extended family and friends, and then with your children.

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You can’t possibly find time for self-care, if you don’t learn how to set boundaries in every area of your life. When you sit down for dinner, do you prefer a full, fresh hot plate of food, or a cold plate with leftovers? When we don’t make the choice to take care of ourselves, we’re making the choice to serve our families the leftovers.

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When I went through postpartum depression, I didn’t understand what it meant to make myself a priority. I didn’t understand that not allowing myself to recharge and regroup meant that I was taking all of my frustrations out on my family. Self-care is definitely not selfish, it is necessary and it is critical to our responsibilities as moms.

Click here to learn tips on how to set boundaries for your kids TODAY, so that you can then make time and room for your own self-care.

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