Moms 'N Charge: When Your Daughter is Told "Brown Girls Can't Be Supermodels"

Friday, April 22, 2016

From MomsNCharge.com

When I tell you that social media is responsible for me meeting and connecting with some simply fabulous people, I mean it. And Shantae Pelt of Coco’Pie Clothing is one of them. I first met Shantae through Periscope and have grown to love and adore who she is and the mission that she is on. From the moment I purchased my girls their own “There’s power in these puffs” tees from Shantae, my 6-year-old has become a self-proclaimed Coco’Pie Clothing brand ambassador (no seriously, she made me get on Periscope just so she could tell everyone about it, and wanted to hand out Coco’Pie Clothing postcards everywhere we went LOL).

So when I came across Shante’s Facebook status one day that talked about her daughter being told that brown girls can’t be supermodels, my heart sunk. “Here we go again”, is what I thought. But what I loved is how Shantae handled the situation. She truly inspired me and gave me encouragement in the process of encouraging her daughters. So I immediately asked if she could write a guest post, and here is the result of what transpired.

Click here for the transpired results.

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