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5:00 PM Tuesday • May 26


The Root 100

The Root 100 is a groundbreaking interview series on ASPiRE featuring 24 of the most intriguing 2013 honorees of "The Root 100," the annual list of African- American achievers and influencers between the ages of 25 and 45. The weekly show celebrates these young black leaders who are paving the way for change and inspiring us through their work. Hosted by noted journalist and 2010 - 2011 honoree of The Root 100 Suzanne Malveaux with interviews by Jamal Simmons, the series goes beyond the accomplishments of these dynamic men and women to explore their lives, their passion and what it takes to achieve success with meaning and purpose. 




Upcoming Episodes

Bold Stands
05/25/15 - 5:00pm

This hour explores the lives of three of The Root 100 honorees that speak the truths others often find difficult to hear.

Empowering Artists
05/26/15 - 5:00pm

This inspiring hour introduces three of The Root 100 honorees who are using their talent to change the lives of others and how we see ourselves.

The Leaders
05/27/15 - 5:00pm

The spotlight is on three honorees of The Root 100 who are at the forefront of industries that are anything but easy.

The Innovators
05/28/15 - 5:00pm

Three innovators launching us headfirst into the future with the use of technology and innovation is the focus of this hour of The Root 100.

Community Advocates
05/29/15 - 5:00pm

While these three honorees of The Root 100 may travel in elite circles, few in such prominent positions are as grounded.


Suzanne Malveaux, who has an identical twin, grew up around Howard University, where her dad was dean of the medical college. After serving as a White House reporter for nine years, she joined CNN in 2002, covering four presidents and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.