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WEEK OF January 16-22
Friday 01/20
08:00 am
Exhale Feminism
In this episode of Exhale, the ladies get to the core of what being a woman is all about. They talk about gender equality, the black feminist movement, sex positive feminism and the importance of teaching black girls how to love and respect themselves.
09:00 am
Room 222 I Gave My Love
An elderly teacher is in danger of losing her position when she is charged with teaching students about the dangers of venereal disease without first receiving permission from their parents.
09:30 am
Room 222 The Witch Of Whitman High
A new student pretends to be a witch to get attention.
10:00 am
Room 222 The Quitter
character study of a swimming champ who's itching to taste a bit more of life than the harsh rigors of practice sessions.
10:30 am
Room 222 A Little Flyer Than Most
Pete and his class enter the stock market in order to earn money for a new school intercom.
11:00 am
Julia Tanks For The Memory
Julia's problem: a teenage boy has a crush on her.
11:30 am
Julia You Can't Beat Drums
'Ever have a budding drummer in the neighborhood? Julia's neighbor is driving her crazy.'
12:00 pm
Julia Tie Wolf!
Julia gets herself wound up in a string of problems, an overly aggressive suitor, her frantic search for a baby sitter and Corey's Indian-knot craze.
12:30 pm
Julia The Grass Is Sometimes Greener
A blind date involves Julia in a fight against prejudice
01:00 pm
The Mod Squad Flight Five Doesn't Answer
Mob assassins force a plane to crash, stranding Greer, Linc, and Pete and a government witness in the desert. All in search of five million dollars of missing mob money.
02:00 pm
The Mod Squad Shell Game
'Linc and Pete join a gang of young thieves who specialize in robbing warehouses - under the tutelage of two crooked policemen.'
A hilarious comedy about a disgruntled pitcher who quits the Negro League to form his own team of baseball superstars. Famed comedian Richard Pryor stars with the screen legend James Earl Jones in this tale of crooked owners, crazed fans, and the nation's love affair with baseball. The excellent soundtrack and costume design perfectly captures the summer of 1939. Definitely not to be missed.
05:00 pm
ABFF Independent Pretzel Logic
Hosted by Omari Hardwick, ABFF Independent is a showcase of popular and award winning films from the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). This episode features stories that twist your thinking and surprise you at the end. Titles: Docket 32357, The Last Supper, Repercussions, Unscripted, First Date, Wedding Dress, The Truth About Lies
07:00 pm
Soul Food Take Me To The Water
Teri decides to speak directly with the law firm partners about a promotion or leaving the firm. Ahmad struggles with religion and agree to finally be baptized. On the way to church Damon's car crashes with Bird and Kenny inside.
08:00 pm
A romance comedy inspired by the slew of publicly documented election love stories that sprung up during Obama's Presidential push. The plot follows the fortunes of a campaign team caught up in a whirlwind of euphoric romances.
10:00 pm
It is the one-year anniversary of the talk show Where's The Love? hosted by married relationship experts and doctors Sebastian and Ryan Reid. They are in their mid-30s, great looking and have a successful counseling practice complete with best-selling books and an Emmy®-nominated TV show. Ryan and Sebastian seem to have it all, but secretly their relationship is falling apart. They've been keeping up appearances to their family, coworkers, patients, and fans to save their lucrative careers - until one day when it all comes out. Now, Ryan and Sebastian have to decide whether their own marriage can be saved.
12:00 am
Bama State Style Shaking The Tree
After walking off the field in front of the entire school, a former Drum Major pleads his case to stay in the band. Plus, Band Director Dr. Oliver holds a 'tree shake' to make cuts prior to the first game of the season—and places a veteran cymbal player on the chopping block.