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WEEK OF October 17-23
Sunday 10/23
06:00 am
Get Lifted!
Todays top performing inspirational and Gospel artists like Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and more.
08:30 am
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Join Joyce Meyer as she teaches you how to enjoy your life. Battlefield of the Mind has helped thousands and it can help you, too!
09:00 am
In Touch Ministries
Inspirational message from Pastor Charles Stanley
10:00 am
Black College Quiz Voorhees & Livingstone
A weekly quiz show on African American history and pop culture where historically black college students compete to win scholarships in a fun and entertaining game show hosted by Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey Morning Show. This episode features students from Voorhees College & Livingstone College.
10:30 am
WOP 16
11:00 am
Exhale Technology & New Media
In this episodes the ladies of Exhale and guests talk tech! From blogging and social media to producing digital content and coding, they navigate the secrets to success in the technology and new media space and why it's so important to our community.
12:00 pm
Exhale Green Is The New Black
From veganism, to holistic living to fighting environmental racism, green is definitely the new black! In this episode, the ladies of Exhale tackle issues impacting the environment and our health. Together with guests they'll tell us why green living is more than just a trend... but one of the biggest civil rights issues of our era.
01:00 pm
ABFF Independent The Struggle is Real
ABFF Independent is a showcase of popular and award winning independent shorts and documentaries from the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). Ever wanted to scream at the top of your lungs? Or worked so hard for something, only to have it all fall apart? Yes, the struggle is real and you have to push through it or be buried under it. We've got three amazing films, each dealing with the challenges we all face, personal, professional, and spiritual. These directors are taking an unflinching look at the way we cope... their focus is deep, and so is their work.
02:00 pm
Soul Food Survival Technique
Bird is kidnapped and Lem has 48 hours to save her - without anyone's help; Maxine questions Amina's influence on Ahmad; Teri mistakes Charles's daughter for his girlfriend, leading to a number of embarrassing moments.
03:00 pm
Soul Food Angelitos Negros
Teri agrees to spend the weekend at Charles' cabin; Bird has an intimate encounter with Malik; Kenny's brother reveals that he is HIV positive.
04:00 pm
Soul Food Successful Failure
The sisters have an explosive argument on Mama Joe's birthday; as Bird and Lem drift further apart, they each find refuge in other partners.
05:00 pm
Soul Food Love Me Or Leave Me
Lem is stunned to find Bird with Malik; Teri and Charles struggle with the demands of her career on their relationship; Kenny realizes the dangers of being a repo man.
06:00 pm
With her career stalling, her pending marriage still pending and her dreams on hold, Jazz is searching for a new direction in her life. At her sister's insistence, and with the help of a handsome (and frustrating) young lawyer, she begins working for a local community center teaching adults how to read. Now, Jazz will discover that everything she thought she wanted out of life can change the second you fall in love.
08:00 pm
Jim Ellis, a college educated African American, who can't find a job, is driven by his love of competitive swimming. Jim converts an abandoned recreational pool in Philadelphia slum with the help of Elston, a local janitor. When city officials mark the Philadelphia Department of Recreation for demolition, Jim fights back by starting the city's first African-American swim team. Recruiting troubled teens from the streets, Jim struggles to transform a motley team of novices all the while meeting racism, violence and an unsympathetic city official who threatens to tear the team apart.
10:30 pm
A diverse, somewhat divided community comes together to save a once popular suburban school in danger of closing while an ambitious, newly-appointed principal and a handful of committed teachers -- none of whom see eye to eye -- try to maintain a sense of normalcy in the midst of the upheaval.
12:30 am
In this episode of Butter+Brown hosts Seth and Leslie take you on a culinary journey through New Orleans, Louisiana as they prepare and add their spin on a couple of New Orleans classics.