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WEEK OF July 25-31
Thursday 07/28
06:00 am
Get Lifted!
Todays top performing inspirational and Gospel artists like Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and more.
08:00 am
Exhale Justice Or Just Us?
When it comes to the criminal justice system, do blacks really get a fair shake? The ladies tackle the difficult dilemma of how to protect ourselves and our children from racial profiling, gun violence and disparities in the judicial system. 'Is it really justice or just us?'
09:00 am
Room 222 Arizona State Loves You
A football player tries to choose a college after completing high school.
09:30 am
Room 222 Operation Sandpile
Mr. Kaufman tries to help a couple of female students, one who feels that the school is not properly educating her for her future role as a housewife, and the other who brings her baby sister to school because there is no one else to babysit on the day of a big test.
10:00 am
Room 222 Play It Loose
Liz is not pleased when a former student who is now a pop singing star returns to Walt Whitman High and comes on to Pete.
10:30 am
Room 222 Goodbye, Mr. Hip
A teacher's efforts to be hip doesn't earn the students' respect.
11:00 am
Julia Smoke Scream
A message show about an anti-smoking campaign.
11:30 am
Julia Parents Can Be Pains
Julia considers the question of when to leave the kids alone.
12:00 pm
Comic Edge Social Media
Is Social Media the best invention ever or our worst nightmare?  See what happens when clever comedians come together to poke fun at the nuances of Social Media engagement in our lives.  Host Robert Powell and series comedians Sydney Castillo, Donnivin Jordan and Trey Moe, along with guest comedian, Billy Sorrells and sketch artists, A Tribe Called Sketch, join in to provide an amusing look at social network behavior. Have a social-media-induced LOL as these comedians take sketch, standup and improv all the way to the edge!
12:30 pm
What's your vice? Some are wilder and funnies than others. Join host Robert Powell and series comedians Sydney Castillo, Donnivin Jordan and Trey Moe, along with guest comedians, Nate Weatherup and Celebrity and sketch artists, A Tribe Called Sketch as they provide laughs centered on personal vices and funny tales of addiction.
01:00 pm
ABFF Independent Words Not Spoken
Hosted by Grammy® Award-winning music producer, recording artist and actor David Banner (Ride Along, Lee Daniel's The Butler), ABFF Independent is a showcase of popular and award winning independent shorts and documentaries from the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). So many times we have so much to say, but can't find the right words. In this episode, you will see films that explore this tough theme of wanting to be heard, but struggling to find 'Words Not Spoken.' Short Films: The End Again, Emancipation, Solace, Voicemail, Who Do You Know? & Love Escapes Us
03:00 pm
The Mod Squad Who Are The Keepers, Who Are The Inmates
Linc feigns insanity to gain admittance to a private mental institution. Triggering his masquerade: the death of a friend who attempted to escape from the place.
04:00 pm
The Mod Squad A Is For Annie
A crusading teacher Annie Crabtree, lectures on sex education have become a political football war.
05:00 pm
A group of sisters, who were once a semi-popular girl group, reunite to give their dreams of being singing sensations one last chance.
07:00 pm
The Mighty Quinn
When police officer Xavier Quinn's childhood friend, Maubee, becomes associated with murder and a briefcase full of ten thousand dollar bills, The Mighty Quinn must clear his name. Or try to catch him, which could be even trickier.
09:00 pm
ABFF Independent Out Of This World
Hosted by Omari Hardwick, ABFF Independent is a showcase of popular and award winning films from the American Black Film Festival. This sci-fi episode features stories of the supernatural, folk tales, conjuring, souls living in purgatory and what life would look like in the future without water. Edgy and smart like the acclaimed series 'Twilight Zone,' these stories may keep you up at night. Titles: Chains, Hear Me, Tailypo, Wake, Midway, Prospect
11:00 pm
ABFF Independent Outside The Box
Hosted by Omari Hardwick, these riveting films pique your senses with color and images such as a young boy and his dog trying to discover what his superpower is. Also a story of a couple learning their son has autism and the emotions the family goes through, as well as a look at what the autistic child's world may look like. The episode continues to push us outside the box with stories of young black men being mentored and the new choices they've made for themselves after this experience. Titles: Captain T&T, Colored My Mind, The Healing Circle, TextTone