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WEEK OF May 23-29
Sunday 05/29
06:00 am
Get Lifted!
Todays top performing inspirational and Gospel artists like Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and more.
07:30 am
Room 222 How About That Cherry Tree
A black student is accused of forging a teacher's signature on a scholarship application form.
08:30 am
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Join Joyce Meyer as she teaches you how to enjoy your life. Battlefield of the Mind has helped thousands and it can help you, too!
09:00 am
In Touch Ministries
Inspirational message from Pastor Charles Stanley
10:00 am
Black College Quiz Oakwood & Tougaloo
A weekly quiz show on African American history and pop culture where historically black college students compete to win scholarships in a fun and entertaining game show hosted by Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey Morning Show. This episode features students from Oakwood University & Tougaloo College.
10:30 am
On this edition of Women of Power, we go behind the scenes with directors, show runners and an actress making moves in Hollywood. We lead off with Mara Brock Akil, the hot creator behind some of TV's most exciting shows like 'Girlfirends' and 'Being Mary Jane.' She shares her journey from journalism school to hot Hollywood producer. Then, we sit down with Academy Award nominee Ava Duvernay, who is emerging as a directorial force behind one of this year's most-talked about movie, 'Selma.' From there, we talk to Tonya Lewis Lee, who is stepping out of the shadows of her husband, Spike Lee, and into her own light as a producer and best-selling author. And finally, we get survival tips from Lorraine Toussaint, an actress who's career has spanned more than 30 years.
11:00 am
Exhale Breaking Free
Guests talk to the ladies about breaking free from hurts that can hold us captive like fear, anger, depression, addictions and other vices. They also dive into the struggles many of us have with overcoming past hurts and the importance of forgiveness.
12:00 pm
Exhale What Is Love?
The ladies get to the heart of one of their favorite subjects, love! Together with guests they open up about love, relationships, sex, and the pitfalls of love.
01:00 pm
Exhale Justice Or Just Us?
When it comes to the criminal justice system, do blacks really get a fair shake? The ladies tackle the difficult dilemma of how to protect ourselves and our children from racial profiling, gun violence and disparities in the judicial system. 'Is it really justice or just us?'
02:00 pm
Soul Food Life 101
Bird is surprised to learn that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Teri has a problem with living up to her reputation as 'Superchick'. Also, Ahmad rekindles his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Keisha.
03:00 pm
Soul Food The New Math
Benny's ex-girlfriend threatens to sue him for child support. Meanwhile, Teri tries to help a student. Also, Maxine and Kenny try to deal with Kelly's poor test scores.
04:00 pm
Soul Food Truth's Consequences
A visit from Aunt Ruthie wreaks havoc in the girls' lives. Meanwhile, Damon seeks help for his drinking problem. Ahmad falls for Reggie's girl.
05:00 pm
Soul Food Shades of Grey
Kenny takes on a mentally challenged employee at the shop. Meanwhile, Bird's deepening friendship with Eva raises eyebrows. Also, Ahmad has to report on Jewish culture for school.
06:00 pm
Misty Copeland
Earvin 'Magic' Johnson sits down with American Ballet Theater principal dancer and pop culture phenomenon, Misty Copeland for an honest and intimate conversation about her path to success, how she's using her platform to inspire other young African American ballerinas, and what she aspires to in the future.
06:30 pm
Grossly overweight Prof. Sherman Klump, desperate to lose weight takes a special chemical that turns him into the slim but obnoxious Buddy Love.
08:30 pm
A magical film which follows one summer in the life of the Carmichaels, an African-American family living in 1970s Brooklyn. Delroy Lindo and Academy Award nominee Alfre Woodward soar as a married couple --he a struggling jazz musician, she an overworked school teacher--who do their best to keep up with their five energetic children. Academy Award nominee Spike Lee directs with characteristic flair and the film is filled with wonderfully authentic period details and dazzling music.
10:30 pm
The film revolves around troubled strangers seeking solace from the hurricane of life on a secluded island. The interwoven storylines include a pastor and his wife struggling with their faith after their daughter's death, an engaged socialite coming to grips with the trappings of fame, and the dysfunctional relationship between a widowed grandmother and her grandson.
12:30 am
Mommy Uncensored Pilot-Mommy Uncensored
Every Mom looks forward to Mother's Day; a national celebration of women's beauty and sacrifice. The mood is set, the family has agreed, and Karen is ready to enjoy a day of much needed relaxation. Will Karen have the day of her dreams or a complete nightmare?