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WEEK OF Sep 26 - Oct 02
Tuesday 09/27
06:00 am
Get Lifted!
Todays top performing inspirational and Gospel artists like Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and more.
08:00 am
Exhale Beauty & Style
Guests join the ladies to talk beauty and style. They'll cover topics like fashion, the modeling industry, why hair is such a touchy subject in the African American community and find out if black really does crack.
09:00 am
Room 222 You Don't Know Me, He Said
Pete learns that one of his students is dying of leukemia.
09:30 am
Room 222 Walt Whitman Goes Bananas
A student holds a banana-eating contest in order to attract summer job offers for the other students.
10:00 am
The students become upset when a school faculty advisor begins to censor their stories for the school newspaper.
10:30 am
Room 222 Shoestring Catch
A student with intelligence, wit---and an ego damaged by repeated failure. Unless the teachers can get to the root of his problems, he'll soon be dropping out of school.
11:00 am
Julia Bowled Over
Julia takes up bowling to score a hit with Steve.
11:30 am
Julia Long Time No Ski
As Julia's romance with Steve progresses, so does son Corey's jealousy.
12:00 pm
Julia Smoke Scream
A message show about an anti-smoking campaign.
12:30 pm
Julia Parents Can Be Pains
Julia considers the question of when to leave the kids alone.
01:00 pm
ABFF Independent Words Not Spoken
ABFF Independent is a showcase of popular and award winning independent shorts and documentaries from the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). So many times we have so much to say, but can't find the right words. In this episode, you will see films that explore this tough theme of wanting to be heard, but struggling to find 'Words Not Spoken.' Short Films: The End Again, Emancipation, Solace, Voicemail, Who Do You Know? & Love Escapes Us
03:00 pm
The Mod Squad Put Out The Welcome Mat For Death
Euthanasia or murder, that's what the courts must decide as the trio investigates.
04:00 pm
The Mod Squad And Once For My Baby
An imaginative thief is planning a spectacular heist.
05:00 pm
Sidney Poitier won the Academy Award for Best Actor as a warm, sensitive handyman who, while stranded in an Arizona desert town, builds a chapel for a lively group of nuns (including Lilia Skala).
07:00 pm
Soul Food The Aftermath
After trying to juggle her job and family, Teri quits the firm to help out more at home.
08:00 pm
Soul Food Welcome Home
Kenny comes home and makes the family angry with unreasonable demands while Teri temporarily ends her relationship with Damon.
09:00 pm
Soul Food Who Do You Know
Teri gets a surprise visit from her first husband while Ahmad battles with a school partner to complete a homework assignment.
10:00 pm
Soul Food God Bless The Child
Lem's mother shows up and starts making his life miserable while Teri begins to have panic attacks.
11:00 pm
Ram Bowen and Eddie Cook are two expatriate jazz musicians living in Paris where, unlike America at the time, Jazz musicians are celebrated and racism is a non-issue. When they meet and fall in love with two young American girls, Lillian and Connie, who are vacationing in France, Ram and Eddie must decide whether they should move back to America with them, or stay in Paris for the freedom it allows them. Ram, who wants to be a serious composer, finds Paris more exciting than America and is reluctant to give up his music for a relationship, and Eddie wants to stay for the city's more tolerant racial atmosphere.